Quick Answer: How Many Days Can Casual Leave Be Taken?

How can I extend my casual leave?

Leave letter extension sample: Sick leave Dear Mr./Ms.

(Name of recipient), I am writing to bring to your attention my current sick leave status.

I have been off from work for the past ten days owing to an accident which caused me acute back problems..

What is leave salary for central government employees?

The employee receives 100% pay for the first 120 days and 50% pay subsequently. This leave may be clubbed with any other type of leave that is admissible, provided that the total leave period does not exceed 24 months.

How do I ask for casual leave?

{Recipient’s Name}, I am writing to request you for a leave of {X days} from {start date} to {end date} since I have to attend to a medical emergency of a close relative. As the relative is situated in Uttrakhand, I will have to be away for {X days}. I will resume work from {mention date}.

Can we take CL and EL together?

Casual Leave can be combined with Special Casual Leave / Vacation but not with any other kind of leave (such as EL, HPL, EOL, etc.). It cannot be combined with joining time. 8. Casual Leave can be taken while on tour, but no daily allowance will be admissible for the period of CL.

Can earned leave be rejected?

The leave sanctioning authorities are, therefore, requested to ensure that the earned leave is not ordinarily denied to an employee. … This does not confer any unbridled and arbitrary power on the sanctioning authority to deny leave at its whims. Only in the exigencies of public service can the authority refuse leave.

Who can sanction casual leave?

9.4 Sanction of Casual Leave of Branch Officers. The Group Officers are empowered to sanction casual leave to the Branch officers working under them. The Casual Leave Account of Branch Officers will also be maintained in the Group Officers secretariat.

How do you write one day casual leave?

Sub: Application of Casual Leave for One Day I write this letter to request you to grant me one day leave from office, as I shall not be available for official services on (Date), due to some personal issues. I request you to grant me casual leave for one day and give me a chance of gratefulness. Thank you, Name….

How many days leave per year?

Annual leave entitlement The entitlement is 21 consecutive days annual leave on full remuneration, in respect of each annual leave cycle, and if an employee works a five-day week then this is equal to 15 working days, or if the employee works a six-day week then it is equal to 18 working days.

What is CL PL SL leave?

PL means Paid Leave – These are the leave which can be carried forward to next financial year to certain limit for eg. … SL means Sick Leave – These employees take when they fall sick and maximum 3 days an employee can take.

Is casual leave a right?

The intent of the casual leave is to enable an employee to take time off from his/her duty to meet an unforeseen, urgent or important need. … However, this should not be a frequently taken leave. It should not be misconstrued either as a matter of right or allowed as an excuse for absence without notice repeatedly.

What is special casual leave?

Special Casual Leave can be taken for half day also. 7. Combination of Casual Leave or regular leave (e.g., Earned Leave, Half Pay Leave etc) with Special Casual Leave is permissible, but combination of both Casual Leave and regular leave together with Special Casual Leave is not permissible.

How many casual leave can be taken in a year?

Earned & Casual Leave in IndiaType of LeavePrivileged Leave/ Earned LeaveCasual LeaveQuantum per year14 days for every completed year10 days. It cannot be taken for more than 3 days at a stretchEntitlementOn completion of one year continuous serviceDuring the yearAccumulation24 days in 2 years

Can casual leave be extended?

(vi) Casual leave is not recognised by regulations, and an Officer absent on casual Leave is not treated as absent from duty. … (vii) Casual leave cannot be combined with any other kind of leave and may not extend for more than six consecutive days.

What are the reasons for casual leave?

List of Casual Leave Reasons for Taking Casual LeaveSomeone is not feeling well at home.Urgent/Needy work at home.When Near ones are going to abroad.casual leave for personal reasons.Feb 20, 2021

How do you write casual leave for 2 days?

Tips for writing a casual leave letterExplain precisely the reason for the leave request.Mention the period for which you are requesting a leave.Mention the relevant dates of leaving and resuming work.Address the letter to the relevant authority.Keep it short and comprehensive.Provide contact details.More items…•Mar 18, 2020

Can I take casual leave in notice period?

Casual leaves are part of your entitlement and whatever CL is lying in your credit, can be availed by an employee even during the notice period.

What is leave salary?

The accumulated leaves standing to the credit of an employee may be availed by the employee during his service time or, subject to service rules, such leaves may be encashed at the time of retirement or leaving the job. Encasement of leave by surrendering leave standing to one’s credit is known as “leave salary”

How is leave pay calculated?

The calculation of annual leave with wages is done on the basis of the following:In case of an adult – one day for every twenty days of work, during the previous calendar year.In case of a child- one day for every fifteen days, during the previous calendar year.More items…

How many days we can take casual leave?

three daysIn general, casual leaves can be availed for a minimum of half a day to a maximum of three days. Beyond this, leaves should be availed as earned leave or privileged leaves. If the employee wishes to avail the three leaves at the same time, then they need to seek permission from the company.

How many CL can be taken in a month?

Casual Leave(CL) are granted for certain unforeseen situation or were you are require to go for one or two days leaves to attend to personal matters and not for vacation. In case of casual leave normally company’s strict maximum to 3 days in a month. In such cases the person has to take the permission in advance.

Is Sunday counted in casual leave?

Casual Leave is not earned by duty. … Saturdays, Sundays, restricted holiday and holidays, whether intervening, prefixed or sufficed, shall not be counted as Casual Leave. iv. CL should not be granted for more than 5 days at any time, except under special circumstances.