Is It Legal To Eat Dog In Ireland?

Are dogs allowed in restaurants in Ireland?

Domestic animals are now allowed in restaurants and cafes.

A rule dating back to the 1950s banning furry friends from food joints has been repealed, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has revealed.

Pet owners can now bring their animals along with them to eat – but only if the cafe or restaurant allows.

Can I kill my own dog UK?

UK law says that you can’t buy or sell dog meat, but if you humanely kill a dog you own, you can eat it.

However, there is no law explicitly banning the consumption of dog or cat meat. The Government’s position is that the sale of dog meat for human consumption is already illegal, and that there is no evidence of it being consumed in the UK.

Can you legally kill your pet?

You are allowed to euthanize (meaning kill to relieve pain) your own pet if it is so sick or injured that it is imminently near death or not fit for living any longer. However, the method for killing a sick dog must be done in a humane and proficient manner.