Question: How Long Does It Take To Register An Emotional Support Animal?

48 hours

How do you qualify for an emotional support animal?

If you have an emotional disability, you can legally qualify for an ESA, short for emotional support animal. You must be certified as emotionally disabled by a psychologist, therapist, psychiatrist or other duly-licensed and/or certified mental health professional.

How do I register my cat as an emotional support animal?

How to Register an Emotional Support Cat

  • Connect with a licensed mental health professional online or in real life.
  • Qualify for an ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional.
  • Step 3. Make sure your cat does not pose a threat to others.
  • Notify your landlord or airline about your emotional support cat.

Who can write an ESA letter?

Who Can Write The ESA Letter. There are roughly 28,000 psychiatrists in the United States – any one of them can prescribe an ESA letter. Also, any other licensed mental health professional or physician can prescribe an emotional support animal letter.

Can an apartment complex deny an emotional support animal?

An emotional support animal cannot be denied by a landlord just because it is a puppy or kitten. Landlords that deny dogs because they are younger and are considered puppies are not following the rules set out by the Fair Housing Act. With that being said, you are responsible for the actions of your ESA.