Question: Can You Take Your Dog On A Carnival Cruise?

Bringing Pets Onboard.

We are sorry but pets are not permitted onboard.

Carnival Cruise Line only permits service/working dogs on board our ships.

Therapy/companion or service dogs in training are not permitted onboard.

Are there any cruises that are pet friendly?

When it comes to cruise ships that allow pets, there’s only one: Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. On certain transatlantic sailings — those between New York and Southampton, either direction — you can bring your dog or cat, but that doesn’t mean your fuzzy family members will be able to snuggle with you in your cabin.

Does Carnival Cruise allow service dogs?

Carnival Cruise Lines only permits service/working dogs onboard, a working/service dog is legally defined and is trained to meet the disability related need. We do not allow guests to sail with therapy/companion dogs or service dogs in training.

Can emotional support dogs go on cruises?

Emotional support animals, which provide emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship to an individual with disabilities but are not trained to do work or perform tasks, are not considered to be service animals. Pets and other animals who are not service animals are not allowed on board the Ship.

Are dogs allowed on ships?

Answer: Cruise ships cannot accommodate pets for two simple reasons. First, pets have to have somewhere to sleep, exercise, and (most importantly) relieve themselves. Cruise ships have very strict sanitation and health codes, and meeting these codes prohibits ships from allowing pets onboard.