Can Landlord Deny Emotional Support Animal?

A landlord cannot deny an ESA simply because they do not allow pets.

No, your landlord cannot evict you because they do not want you to have an ESA.

This is in direct violation of Fair Housing regulations.

You are required to request reasonable accommodations for your ESA before bringing them into your apartment.

Can a landlord deny an emotional support animal California?

A landlord or other housing provider may deny a request to keep a service dog, psychiatric service dog, or support animal in California as a reasonable accommodation if the specific animal: poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others, or. would cause substantial physical damage to the property of others.

Can a landlord refuse a service dog based on breed?

A landlord is permitted to refuse accommodation for a service animal based on breed if allowing the animal would be unreasonable. For example, if your insurance carrier drops your coverage because of a restricted breed on the premises, you may be able to refuse the service dog.

Can a landlord deny an emotional support animal Ohio?

An emotional support animal in Ohio will be protected under the Fair Housing Act. The FHA dictates no person with a disability shall face discrimination for reasonable housing. By law, the landlord is prohibited from refusing to let to a person with an ESA, although they remain entitled not to let to people with pets.