Question: Can I Bring My Service Dog On A Cruise?

Service dogs are allowed to accompany you in public areas of the ship, this includes the dining areas, theatre and lounges.

It is not advised to leave your dog unattended on your cruise, however some cruise lines do allow you to leave the ship without your dog.

Can I take a service dog on a cruise ship?

Cruise Line Pet Policies. Carnival Cruise Lines-Service dogs are welcome on board. Carnival does not allow live animals onboard other than service animals. Guests must give at least 14 days advance notice if they are bringing a service animal on board.

Can you bring an emotional support animal on a cruise?

Federal regulations allow some disabled passengers to fly with their service animals, and the Air Carrier Service Act allows for those with mental-health issues to travel with an ESA free of charge if it helps alleviate anxiety.15 Aug 2018

What cruise ships allow service dogs?

Carnival Cruises

Carnival only permits working service dogs onboard their ships, which does not include service dogs in training, other service animals, or emotional support animals.